Thinking about returning to the workplace after time away to bring up children can be  daunting as well as exciting.

Here, mum of two and one of Kaizen’s Directors, Lauren Mulligan, shares her top tips for a smoother transition…

  1. If you’re not already on LinkedIn, sign up to read industry-related articles, as well as connect with former work colleagues.
  2. A recruitment consultant can help update your CV and fill in any gaps if necessary, but also consider any relevant online courses. For example, if applying for office roles, take a free typing test to add words per minute to your CV.
  3. Temporary or contract work can be a good option before making a permanent commitment to a role or company.
  4. In your cover letter, state that you have been bringing up children, as well as your reason for returning to the workplace.
  5. Many of the skills you have as a mum – multitasking, organising, planning – are transferable to the workplace, so make sure you highlight them.
  6. Meeting with a recruitment consultant for a mock interview and chat about your experience will not only help you prepare but also get you back into the frame of mind.
  7. Ask about working hours and if any flexibility is offered, but leave out specific examples. General flexibility should take care of this and you will be able to gauge their reaction on the subject.
  8. If possible, make sure childcare or school arrangements are in place before your interview.
  9. When thinking about the hours you can work, be flexible but realistic.
  10. Be yourself and be honest. If you’ve loved being out of the workplace to raise your children, say so. But also let your interviewer know that you’re ready for a new role.