Kaizen Healthcare’s weekly news round-up

15th March 2016

Each week, we take a look at the papers and internet to bring you a round-up of the latest and most interesting health-related news.


Here are eight stories that have hit the headlines in the past week…

  • ‘Urgent appeal as some blood supplies down to five days’ – via Irish Times
  • ‘Physical activity cuts Alzheimer risk in half’ – via Irish Health
  • ‘Food safety group wants shops to ban children from buying energy drinks’ – via Irish Examiner
  • ‘New rules could see pharmacy assistants made redundant’ – via The Journal
  • ‘Two-thirds of breast cancer patients no longer need mastectomies’ – via The Independent
  • ‘Warning on epilepsy drug use in pregnancy’ – via Irish Health
  • ‘Department Health considers move to former Bank of Ireland building’ – via Breaking News
  • ‘Legal protection for whistleblowers over hospital errors to be introduced in England’ – via Pharmaceutical Journal

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