Kaizen Healthcare’s weekly news round-up

24th March 2016

Each week, we take a look at the news to bring you a round-up of the latest and most interesting stories from the world of healthcare.


Here are seven stories that have hit the headlines in the past week…

  • ‘Up to 50,000 medical cards will be cut this year – HSE’ via The Independent
  • ‘Antidepressants do not up heart risk’ – via Irish Health
  • New book on financial planning launched for pharmacists. You can watch a video about the book launch, here.
  • ‘Migraine is among the top 20 causes of disability in adults, according to WHO’ – via Irish Times
  • ‘Community pharmacists have ‘professional obligation’ yo adopt automated dispensing, says chief pharmaceutical officer’ via The Pharmaceutical Journal
  • ‘Concern over CF staffing levels’ via Irish Health
  • ‘Antibiotic resistance high in children who have UTIs’ via Irish Medical Times

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