5 cool and alternative work spaces

13th April 2016

We’re probably all familiar with the saying ‘tidy house, tidy mind’, right? Well it makes sense that the same should apply to your work space.

Whether you work from home alone or in an office surrounded by a team of people, it’s important to create a space that will help you get into the right mindset for a productive day of work.

If you’ve ever had to spend a day sitting at someone else’s desk, you may have noticed how your workflow was affected. That’s because changing your desk can massively change the way you work. In fact, the environment in which you work affects you in ways you might not even realise.

Maybe you need to inject a little more productivity into your working day (we’ve all had sluggish work days, let’s face it), or perhaps you want to boost your creativity. Whatever your desk dilemma, if you have a pleasant work space with features that you enjoy then the job you’re doing will become more pleasant and enjoyable.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at five cool (and alternative) desks we found in our search for the ultimate work space.

1. The Sit to Walkstation Desk Treadmill (Image via Inhabitat)


The answer to every desk potato’s prayers (or maybe not), at a maximum speed of 2mph, the Sit to Walkstation by Steelcase allows you to burn calories as you work. Although not the cheapest desk accessory, consider the positive effect that standing and moving around while you work can have, especially if you suffer from back pains associated with sitting in a chair for hours on end.

2. The Sandpit Desk (Image via Justin Kemp)


We’re not sure the boss will go for this one (think of the mess), but if you work from home and love the feeling of sand between your toes, fitting a sandpit underneath your desk might just be what you need for a more enjoyable working day. We reckon this one is suited to the more creative souls out there, or the young at heart. There’s probably a joke about ‘surfing’ the internet in there somewhere too, but we’ll stop now. You’re welcome.

3. The Under Desk Foot Hammcok (Image via Hi Consumption)


Being comfortable throughout your working day can help increase productivity, which is why we’re loving this mini foot hammock. Created by the team at Connect Design, the Fuut is adjustable and comes in two different modes – ‘work’ (lower) and ‘rest’ (higher). One word of advice though, just remember to keep the socks on.

4. The Interlocking Shelving Desk (Image via IPPINKA)


If your job involves destroying small forests with the amount of paper you use, this interlocking shelving desk might be for you. Created by Parisian designer Mathieu Lehanneur for Objekten, the Strates desk solves a common problem that many regular (and less cool) desks face: space. Whilst the shelving desk undoubtedly offers a storage solution, the lack of drawers mean there’s nowhere to hide the stash of chocolate that comes in handy at 3pm every day.

5. The Sliding Desktop Table (Image via Fancy)


The highly organised Sliding Desktop Table by designer Manuel Saez reminds us of a more contemporary and sleek version of the old wooden school desks that had a lid top so you could throw everything inside. (We’re really showing our age now.) This clever worktop slides open via an integrated pull to reveal nine square feet of stash space for all your stuff – laptop, smartphone, chargers, books, pens, folders, snacks. It’s just about perfect for any neat freaks.

Mindful of just how important a pleasant work space is, we recently underwent a refurb here at Kaizen HQ on Dublin’s Grafton Street. If you’d like to see our new and very cool office for yourself, drop in for a chat and let us help with your next job move. You can also email Queries@KaizenRecruitment.com or call 01-6729000 to find out how we can help you.

Main feature image via IPPINKA