6 ways to beat procrastination at work

10th May 2016

If you find yourself lacking in motivation at work, you’re not alone. We’re all guilty at times of becoming distracted and finding ways to avoid doing what we need to be doing in the office.

Whether it’s trawling social media, making (another) coffee, or, if you work from home, scrubbing the bathroom, procrastinating is easy when you’re feeling slack.

Even the most productive among us can be struck by procrastination, but once it gets hold it’s not easy to shake off. Here, we list six ways to help improve productivity at work:

1. Dig deep

If you’re not in the mood to work, do a bit of digging to figure out why. Identifying the cause of the procrastination – whether simple or complex – might be the most productive step you take in finding a solution.

2. Take a breather

When procrastination strikes, go outside and literally take a breather. If possible, go on a brisk walk during your lunch break. The fresh air will revive your mind, whilst the exercise will release those good mood endorphins.

3. Create the right space

Working in an environment that isn’t right for you will only encourage procrastination. Keep away from anything you find distracting, and concentrate on creating a space that will help get you in the right frame of mind for a productive day at work.

4. Make a list

Checking a to-do list is not only calming, it creates a sense of accomplishment – no matter how big or small the victory. Make a list at the start of your day to help build a degree of momentum, keeping things moving onward and upwards.

5. Be realistic

Setting goals is a good way to keep focused and motivated at work, but be realistic about what you want to achieve so you don’t end up feeling discouraged.

6. Break it down

Because it’s usually the big stuff that we put off, break any huge jobs down into a few smaller tasks to make them less daunting and more manageable.