8 things you need to remove from your CV

24th May 2016

There always seems to be so much talk about what to include on your CV, but what about the stuff that shouldn’t be on there?

As well as a brilliant recruitment consultant, a winning CV is the most important thing to have when looking for a new job. A foot in the door and ticket to an interview, it lets potential employers know that YOU are the right person for the role – provided it’s up to scratch, of course.

Whether you’re seeking your next career move or searching for your first job, a CV can make or break your job hunt, so check out the following list of things NOT to include on there:

1. Visuals

Unless applying for a role that requires you to showcase your creative flair, don’t be tempted to include any visuals on your CV; they will take up valuable space and can look unprofessional. The same goes for photos – don’t include any of yourself, unless requested to do so.

2. Too many pages

Generally, a CV should be one page long – two pages maximum. Condensing everything can be difficult, but doing so will highlight the most important stuff, and get rid of the rest. Keep in mind that an employer can look at your LinkedIn page if they want more information, so be sure to keep that up to date.

3. Obvious and irrelevant stuff

Including things like ‘proficiency in Microsoft Word’ is a waste of space and kind of obvious. An employer will probably expect you to be proficient in this already, so replace with skills that are less common and more impressive. The same goes for irrelevant achievements from years ago.

4. A long list of short roles

To avoid looking like you lack focus or dedication, it’s probably a good idea to leave out roles you’ve only had for short periods of time – especially if there are lots of them and they aren’t particularly relevant to the job you are applying for. 

5. ‘References upon request’

It goes without saying that a potential employer can ask for a reference or referee, so make some space and get rid of this line.

6. Links that don’t link

If you’re inserting a link to a website, make sure the links work and go through to the correct site before you send your CV to a potential employer.

7. Bizarre email addresses

If you’re using an email address that could be deemed as inappropriate (use your imagination!), now is the time to get a new one. Using your first and last name with a Gmail account is a sensible option.

8. Bad spelling and grammar

It’s surprising how many mistakes can be found when reading back through something you’ve typed. Once you’ve read your CV, read it again and again and again – from top to bottom then from the last sentence back up to the top of the page, You get the picture.


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