Switch off the smartphone: 5 ways to unplug on holiday

29th June 2016

Going on holiday is the perfect way to recharge so you can return to work with renewed energy and focus. But it’s impossible to truly switch off if you’re checking emails on your phone whilst sipping a cocktail by the pool.

Employees of one US company however, are being offered $7,500 to take a tech-free holiday. Contact management solution company, FullContact pays its staff the money if they promise to not use technology or work while they’re away. CEO and co-founder, Bart Lorang explained in a Huffington Post video. “It’s really important to unplug to become human again. We’re just plugged in all the time, that has an impact on our brain in terms of how well we can actually experience creativity and joy and love.”

Lorang has a point. Turning off for a while is good not only for our wellbeing, but since holidays help us to mentally recharge, the time out can actually be beneficial to our careers also. However, today’s economy, as well as advancements in technology, mean it isn’t always easy to totally unplug from work when you’re on holiday, but there are still ways to disconnect and get the relaxation time you need…

1. Plan

When booking a holiday, pick a relatively quiet time in your work calendar and coordinate time off with the rest of your team so there is cover if needed. Make sure you get organised as early as possible so everything runs smoothly while you’re out of office.

2. Designate

When putting the ‘out of office’ on your email, add the contact details of someone who will serve as your backup. Make sure to give the point of contact details of anything they need to know in your absence a few days before you go away, so they can ask any questions sooner rather than later.

3. Delegate

If completing all projects before your holiday isn’t possible, be sure to distribute any unfinished business among trusted co-workers to get the job done.

4. Schedule

If you can’t resist the urge to check emails on your phone, set sepcific times when you will check in. Better still, leave your phone in your luggage or a hotel safe to prevent yourself from cheating on relaxation time.

5. Trust

Remember the person you designated as your point of contact on the ‘out of office’? Instead of jumping to the rescue straight away, trust them to manage any issues that might arise while you’re gone.