5 reasons you need to use a recruitment agency

12th July 2016

Making a career move is a daunting and time-consuming experience for most professionals.

Whatever your current work status, if you’ve never used a recruitment agency to handle your job application, here are five reasons why you should consider it.

1. Business relations

Recruiters have taken time to develop long-term and successful relationships with their clients. In turn, decision makers trust their opinions when it comes to choosing a candidate. This inside knowledge also means that recruiters often know about any upcoming opportunities, and are able to find an organisation that is right for you.

2. Confidentiality

By using a recruitment agency to handle your job application, you can be sure of confidentiality, especially if you are currently employed. Recruiters will protect your personal details so your anonymity is maintained throughout the initial application process.

3. Time

Looking for work is time consuming – all those applications! – but if you use a recruitment agency, you might only have to apply once for a number of jobs. Recruiters help take the legwork out of the whole job hunting process, from start to finish – whether it be negative or positive.

4. Professional support

Recruiters are in the business of looking at CVs, so can provide you with tips on formatting, spelling and grammar, as well as helping to fill any gaps by suggesting relevant courses. At interview stage, a good recruiter will have in-depth knowledge about the role, company and interviewer, so can guide you through answers to give and questions to ask.

5. Negotiations

You’ve been offered a role but the salary is much lower than you expected. A recruitment consultant can help save you from any uncomfortable discussions about money, benefits or career progression by acting as a liaison between you and a potential employer.

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