Not a morning person? 5 ways to get your working day off to a better start.

12th July 2016

It’s the morning again. The alarm goes off and you drag yourself out of bed. The day has begun and there are hours of office time before you and your bed are reunited again.

But weekday mornings don’t have to be painful (honest!). Try the following tips to help get your day off to a better start.

1. Reboot your thinking

Waking up with negative thoughts will have a negative effect on our feelings and behaviour for the rest of the day. Instead, try changing your mindset by saying to yourself, “Today is going to be a good day!” It can be your new mantra.

2. Prep like a pro

The last thing you probably want to do at the end of a long day at work is think about work again, but the fear you’ll face the following morning if you aren’t organised will be way worse. Being prepared really does pay off and you’ll be so relieved when you are ready to face the day head on.

3. Plan of action

Making plans for after work in the evening will give you something to look forward to at the start of the day. Whether it’s going out for dinner or cooking a nice dinner at home, do something you enjoy. To feel really good (and smug) about the day ahead, you could even try squeezing in a quick run or walk before work starts.

4. Join forces

Remember, your co-workers might feel the same as you do about weekday mornings, especially if work is going through a particularly busy spell. Try talking to them and suggesting a team lunch (rather than a sandwich at your desk), or a mid-morning coffee and cake break, to give you all something to look forward to and keep you motivated.

5. Learn to love

There will always be things in life that we enjoy more than others, but learning to make the most out of mornings will make life much easier and enjoyable. It’s in your control, it’s how you choose to think and what you choose to do. Change your approach and watch how your thoughts, feelings and behaviour change too.