5 morning habits of successful people

23rd August 2016

It might be tempting to hit snooze when your alarm goes off first thing, but the early bird really does catch the worm.

In fact, when it comes to business, morning people are successful people. Science says that willpower is at its highest in the morning – before tiredness hits and other priorities get in the way – so try adopting a new morning ritual and expect to see some big results in your day. Here’s how…

1. Get up earlier – In order to be a morning person, you need to be an early riser. Yes, getting up earlier may take some getting used to, but once you’ve adapted you won’t look back. In fact, according to research, early risers are healthier and happier

2. Eat Breakfast – Fuelling brain and body with a nutritious breakfast will not only give you a kick start, but help you maintain focus throughout the day. For simple and healthy recipe ideas, click here.

3. Rearrange your to-do list – Rather than putting it off until later in the day, get rid of your worst task first thing – when you typically have more energy and feel most rested. You will feel a sense of relief and be more ready and willing to tackle the rest of your to-do list.

4. Workout – A morning workout will give you a boost of energy first thing to get your senses up and running. Not to mention how good (and smug) you’ll feel afterwards. Plus, working out earlier in the day leaves you more hours later on.

5. Go to bed early – Probably the most key part of being a (successful) morning person – just ask any early riser. Getting the right amount of sleep your body needs is vital for your mental and physical health, so rest up and check out how to improve your sleeping habits by clicking here.