Revealed: Biggest job turn-offs for professionals

24th August 2016

Job hunters are more demanding now than ever before, according to new research.

A survey by CV-Library has revealed that over three quarters (79.2%) of UK workers have areas of their career that they won’t compromise on, with almost a fifth (18.2%) stating that a low advertised salary would put them off a role entirely.

The research, which surveyed over 1,000 of the nation’s workers, found that candidates are growing increasingly impatient with their job hunt, with many workers refusing to settle for anything less than the best opportunities. The recruitment process itself appears to be a make-or-break factor for candidates,with:

  • 20% confessing that they’d be put off by unclear job descriptions
  • 10.2% revealing that lengthy recruitment processes would be a deal-breaker
  • and 7.8% saying that poor communication throughout the recruitment process would drive them away from the company

Some organisations have already put measures in place to keep their candidates happy. CV-Library reported that KPMG have made recent changes to their recruitment process, ensuring that potential employees will now hear back within just 2 working days, cutting out weeks of waiting time.

But it’s not just the recruitment process that plays a part in a candidate’s decision; the business itself is also key. Alongside unclear job descriptions, lengthy recruitment processes and poor communication;

  • 9.5% of job hunters are more likely to be turned off by a company with a bad reputation
  • 7.1% are wary of companies with a high staff turnover
  • and 6.1% baulk at poor management

Although long working hours (2.9%), unfriendly colleagues (2.8%), a lack of flexible working opportunities (1.6%) and poor brand awareness (1.4%) do matter to some candidates, it’s clear to see that the main challenge for businesses is keeping candidates happy throughout the recruitment process.

The research proves that the main challenge for businesses looking to attract and hire the best talent, is keeping candidates happy throughout the hiring stages. To find out how Kaizen can help you throughout the entire recruitment process, check out our blog post titled, ‘Reasons to use a recruitment agency when looking for work‘.