Making a good first impression without saying anything

13th September 2016

First impressions count, and once formed they can be hard to change.

It doesn’t take long for someone to form an opinion when you first meet, so make sure you get it right by following these simple steps.

1. Timing

Arriving late can ruin a first impression before you’ve even had chance to meet. Plan to arrive early then wait until just before your scheduled time to make an entrance.

2.  Dress code

Looks matter when meeting someone for the first time, so make sure you’re clean, smart and dressed appropriately for the meeting. As for any scents and makeup, less is more.

3. Handshake

A handshake that’s too firm is domineering, whilst too soft can be weak or aloof. Mastering the art of the handshake can be tricky, but practice makes perfect.

4. Eye contact

Looking someone in the eye shows you’re engaged in the conversation, but don’t stare. Keep it natural (rather than creepy) by maintaining steady eye contact about half the time when speaking or listening, then looking away whilst forming your thoughts.

5. Posture

If you’re prone to slouching, try working on your posture so that sitting and standing straight comes naturally without making you appear rigid or uncomfortable.