Tinder reveals its most attractive jobs for men and women

14th September 2016

Looking for love as well as work? Online dating app Tinder has revealed which professions gain most ‘likes’ through right swipes.

The figures, which come from research done in the UK, show that popular female jobs include teachers, dentists and speech pathologists. Whilst lawyers, actors and creative directors were considered the most attractive jobs for men.

Beating both musicians and flight attendants, recruiters came in at 11th place out of the top 15 professions for women. It was also revealed, perhaps surprisingly, that neither sex is particularly enthusiastic about taking a model out on a date.

Top 15 Most Attractive Female Jobs on Tinder:

  1. Teacher
  2. Dentist
  3. Speech Pathologist
  4. Interior Designer
  5. Event Planner
  6. Lawyers
  7. Real Estate Agents
  8. Personal Trainer
  9. Registered Nurse
  10. Journalist
  11. Recruiter
  12. Musician
  13. Psychologist
  14. Model
  15. Flight Attendant

Top 15 Most Attractive Male Jobs on Tinder:

  1. Lawyer
  2. Actor
  3. Creative Director
  4. Flight Attendant
  5. Journalist
  6. Entrepreneur/CEO
  7. Architect
  8. Personal Trainer
  9. Teacher
  10. Doctor
  11. Photographer
  12. Registered Nurse
  13. Engineer
  14. Model
  15. Chef