8 ways to banish Sunday Blues for a better working week

16th September 2016

Are your Sundays dominated by the thought that Monday morning is looming?

Spending Sundays in a constant state of gloom is a waste of a perfectly good weekend day, so it’s time to change your mindset and overcome those blues for a longer weekend and better week ahead.

1. Have a productive Friday

Getting work stuff in order before the weekend kicks off will make you feel better about what you’ve got going on the following week.

2. Make Saturday the new Sunday

Get any household chores done on Saturday so you’re free to do fun stuff on Sunday.

3. Plan of attack

As well as writing down what you need to do the following week, make a note of what is bothering you and how you plan to attack it.

4. Exercise

Even just a quick Sunday walk will help ease any anxiety and get those good mood endorphins flowing.

5. Unplug

When your mind is already on overdrive, leave the emails until the morning and switch off (literally) before you go to bed.

6. Schedule something

Organising something fun to do midweek – a movie or dinner – will help you realise there is life outside the weekend.

7. Stay dry

Tempting as it may be to drown the Sunday sorrows, any alcohol is likely to leave you feeling even worse in the morning.

8. Be mindful

When The Fear is keeping you awake into the wee hours, try this simple trick to help you fall asleep in just one minute.