Making the most out of your job search

5th October 2016

Job hunting can be hard work at the best of times, and there are no shortage of ways to carry out a pointless search.

To avoid time wasting and increase productivity, try the following top tips from the top team at Kaizen:

1. Make a plan

Setting aside time to look for jobs by making a daily plan will put structure into your search and make it more efficient. You could assign different days in the week to different tasks, for example: one day for networking, one day for researching, one day for following up job applications, etc.

2. Bookmark your search

It’s easy to get lost in cyberspace when scouring the internet for jobs, so make sure you bookmark any sites you’re likely to revisit, saving them in your toolbar or in a folder in your browser. Bookmarking can also prevent having to fill out every search form, on every site, every time.

3. Maximise social media

Maximising your social media accounts can really help make your job hunt a lot easier. When seeking suitable candidates for roles they are looking to fill, the team here at Kaizen often search LinkedIn and Twitter for relevant keywords, so be sure to include job titles and any work related links in your profile. Also, joining Facebook groups specific to job hunting or your chosen industry will make sure relevant posts – informative articles, job vacancies, etc – appear in your news feed.

4. Create a spreadsheet

To help you keep on top of your search, create a spreadsheet with all the jobs you’ve applied for. Don’t forget to include the company, dates, deadlines, contacts, etc. And don’t forget to keep it updated!

5. Register for alerts

Want to get one step closer to your next career move with minimal effort? Let us take some of the legwork out of finding a job by keeping you up-to-date with the latest roles in your chosen sector. Receive tailored alerts straight to your inbox and never miss out again by registering here.


We have a number of new and exciting roles to fill in sectors including Human Resources, Sales, Legal, IT and Supply Chain & Logistics. To see the full list of our latest jobs, visit our Jobs page. Can’t see what you’re looking for? Email or call 01 672 9000.