In The Spotlight: Meet Kaizen Director, Lauren Mulligan

18th October 2016

Kaizen is director driven. We take the time to meet our candidates and clients so we can understand what they are all about. This people-focused approach has helped us develop long-term and trusted relationships with leading companies around the world.

But it’s time the Kaizen Directors stepped into the spotlight for a moment and told us a few little-known facts about the people behind the business. First up is Lauren Mulligan – director, student, mum and multitasker extraordinaire – who has worked in the recruitment industry for 13 years.

  • First job… Helping on a milk round when I was 13 years old.
  • Worst job… Working as a waitress in Mallorca. It was so hot and I wanted to be the one having fun in the sun.
  • Dream job… To have a children’s charity, to bring hope and joy to children who may not otherwise experience any.
  • Best work-related advice ever given to me… Always treat others as if they are your daughter or mother – be kind, considerate and fair when facing difficult decisions. (My Mother’s advice.)
  • Advice to anyone entering the workplace for the first time… A positive ‘can do’ attitude is everything. Showing a willingness to learn and deliver on key tasks is important. Even if you know it’s not a job for life, it’s important to make a good impression and take pride in your work.
  • In college I studied… Psychology. I loved it and continue to learn in this field.
  • Outside of work… I’m currently studying for an MBA, which, alongside my two children, takes up most of my time when I’m not in work. Not forgetting a little meditation in the evenings to keep me sane.
  • At the weekend… I try to keep Sundays for family time. That means no emails and limited phone time for everyone – a day focused on being with my husband and two children. We have a rainy day tin and a sunny day tin filled with day trips to encourage us to get up and out. (It might sound cheesy but if we don’t plan it won’t happen!)
  • I keep on top of everything by… Being organised, prioritising and sleeping as much as possible! It’s important to understand that your ‘inbox’ will always have something in it (otherwise what’s the point?) and accept that everything doesn’t need to be responded to immediately.
  • You should use a recruitment agency because… A good agency will provide guidance, support and expertise in finding the right role or candidate that is aligned with your goals and needs.

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