7 perks of temporary work

27th October 2016

Need a new role? There might be more permanent benefits to temporary work than you think.

1. Flexibility

The most obvious perk that temporary work offers is the freedom to be able to take time off in-between assignments. Because you are more in control of your schedule, it is far easier to fit your job around your life.

2. Contacts

A temporary job may not always end with a permanent offer, but leaving a good impression is likely to mean solid contacts and a glowing reference.

3. Skills

Taking courses at college or online in an effort to update your CV is always beneficial, but nothing helps you develop new work skills like on-the-job experience.

4. Direction

Temporary work provides the opportunity to gain an insight into different companies and their cultures, allowing you to discover what your strengths are and decide what you really want from a job.

5. Respect

From a future employer’s point of view, it’s better that you worked in a job not in line with your chosen career path, rather than to have not worked at all.

6. Hope

If you’re recently graduated, newly unemployed or been out of work for months, having a job (even if it’s unrelated to your field) provides structure and can get rid of any restlessness you might feel.

7. Transition

If a temporary role does result in a permanent job offer being made, because you’re already in the door you’ll know whether or not it’s the right role and company for you to stay with.

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