Digital transformation journey at Kaizen Recruitment

15th February 2019

At Kaizen Recruitment, we are accelerating our Digital Transformation journey. As a Digital Transformation Project Manager, many times I come across misconceptions and confusion when people refer to Digitisation and Digitalisation and furthermore when people talk about Digital Transformation. Let’s talk in more detail to understand the true meaning of these concepts.

Our first clarification should be that Digitisation and Digitalisation although sound similar they do not mean the same.

Digitisation is the process of converting information from a physical format into a digital one. If you can think of a simple example, that would be anyone that scans a signed contract document and saves this scan as PDF to a computer drive.

Digitalisation is the next level of Digitisation. It is simply the process of leveraging digitisation. Think of the previous example: anyone that scans a signed contract document and saves this scan as PDF. Digitalisation begins when the user then uploads this PDF to the cloud so that the document can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

The above examples show that users have digitised a part of their business process, but the second example is where the business process is more digitalised. In this occasion the user is leveraging digitisation to improve business processes to a greater degree. This is what is called digitalisation.

It is worth noticing that while digitalisation carries implicit positive connotations, digitisation does not. Digitisation is an act that may enable digitalisation, but the latter always requires the former.

Finally, Digital Transformation is best defined as the impact caused by the process of Digitalisation, e.g. improved staff efficiencies and productivity, increased business competitiveness, streamlined processes, rationalised procedures.

All staff at Kaizen Recruitment have worked hard over the past months digitising and digitalising the Recruitment Process, becoming more efficient as an organisation and therefore adding value to our Clients that trust us with their business.


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by William Moraga-G. , Projects Manager at Kaizen Recruitment.