Useful tips to help maximise your productivity.

21st February 2019

When your work routine is not planned deadlines tend to be compromised. In addition, an unplanned work routine causes tasks to accumulate and the level of priority not to be identified.

Planning your work routine helps to avoid stress and anxiety.

Planning contributes in a positive way to improve your work routine but it is not the only factor. There are other factors and issues that, together with planning, can ensure that there is greater productivity in the work routine.

Want to know how? Check out some tips

1- Keeping an eye on diet and health

First of all, we need to take care of the fundamental part of this process…you! It’s no use organizing and planning your routine if you do not have the energy and the willingness to put it into practice. Taking care of yourself is crucial so that you enjoy your day and remember: sound mind, healthy body.

2 – Lists and agendas are crucial

List your tasks in order of their importance. This will help you to meet deadlines without any tasks being overlooked or neglected. Adopt an agenda to organize your daily priorities. This will allow you to balance activities and commitments efficiently.

3 – Arrange and organize your workspace

To prevent your energy and mood from being compromised by disorganization, take a few minutes of your day to organize your entire space. Organize your computer desktop, create folders, and save the files. Also organize and clean your desk. This way, you will have a more productive, joyful and, mainly, organized day.

4 – Evaluate the use of your time

In order to have a productive work routine it is important that you understand how your time is being spent. So, list your current activities and evaluate the time spent on each of them. This will help you identify which activities require the most time and their respective levels of priority. At this stage of the process you can identify the activities that are not as relevant or that can be reformulated.

5 – Pauses are also important

A lot of people confuse a productive day with a day without rest and this is a big misconception. The result of this can affect your physical and emotional health negatively and compromise your professional performance. Ensure you take some breaks during the work day. Respect the limits of your body and include pauses (even if they are small) in your work routines.

A more productive routine generates more results and less stress.

by Milena Higa , Talent Acquisition Team at Kaizen Recruitment