Kaizen Expansion

16th March 2021

During these unprecedented times while an unforeseen global pandemic has threatened many businesses at all levels, even some of the biggest publicly traded companies in the world not immune to its effects. We at Kaizen Recruitment continue to evolve, pivoting rapidly into new markets with enhanced workforce solutions. We believe that in changing our strategy …read more >

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“Solitude can benefit your professional development and leadership”

19th February 2021

As Digital Transformation Lead, I have been reflecting in the incredible path that Technology has forced us to embrace during the past 12 months. Undoubtedly technology has been a lifesaver for business and our workforce alike, but it has also led to create work environments that could relentlessly pressurise us to be always connected, answering …read more >

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Simon Community “Scrappy but Happy”

3rd February 2021

Sincere thank you to all at Kaizen for the magnificent fundraising efforts in aid of the Simon Community led by our own Sarah Mooney. Our efforts have been greatly appreciated by the Simon Community and captured in the letter enclosed. They have also sent a nice ‘Scrappy but Happy’ book for us to see some …read more >

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‘Top 5’ tips to help you & your brain work from home with more resilience!

23rd November 2020

 Welcome to the age of uncertainty Our brains like certainty and this is why habits are formed as superfast energy efficient templates that can be applied to the world. Now, if all our work habits have been thrown up in the air and allowed to land back down in our homes this is really, really …read more >

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