Why recruit with Kaizen?

Choosing a solutions provider to develop and implement an effective and defined delivery orientated recruitment solution is a serious undertaking. As a supply partner, we will endeavor to build a relationship that treats your business needs as growth stages for their own development. Here’s why you should consider using Kaizen:


Our continuous research into the marketplace means we can see your hiring assignment in the context of current trends, thereby maximising its competitiveness. We undertake a defined candidate screening process in order to identify the most suitable candidates for each position.


Our client base is PSL driven, meaning that we are measured on a daily basis for service delivery. Our project management team has vital experience of the pitfalls likely to be encountered and the proven capability to overcome these issues.


Working with Kaizen means working with a partner that has a proven track record in domestic and international recruiting. We promise to work together with you to provide the complete recruitment solution.


What services do we offer?

Our client service is built around an ability to create long-term, trusted and strategic relationships by taking the time to regularly meet our clients so that we can really understand their business, culture and evolving needs. Our recruitment process includes: 


Executive Search

Executive Search is the identification of key senior executives who have a specialised skill set within the marketplace. Direct approaches are made to suitable candidates, and we place a strong emphasis on representing clients in a highly professional and confidential manner.

Advertised Selection

Advertised Selection is often the most appropriate and effective method for an organisation to source relevant qualified candidates. The client would retain Kaizen exclusively as the advisory intermediary and we would advertise the position(s), manage response and subsequently submit the most ideal candidates.

Contingent Recruitment

Based on a job specification provided by the client, we shortlist candidates from our extensive database. All candidates are met, screened and reference checked to ensure client-set specifications are satisfied to perfection.

Temporary Staff Solutions Management

Whereas permanent recruitment usually has a central owner in Human Resources, contract / freelance / temporary is often devolved to line management. This can lead to issues with control, spend, compliance and management information. Kaizen offers consultancy services to identify your current situation and provide recommendations to improve quality, cycle times and reduce costs. We also have vast experience of actually managing both existing and new contractor workforces.